Nine Visions of Moontopia

Nine Visions of Moontopia

Eleven is excited to announce the winners of their latest ideas and design competition Moontopia. The competition – which has been featured in Bustler’s ‘Top-10 Best Competitions of 2016’ – ran from August to November 2016.

Moontopia is the first in a series of international challenges on the subject of space-architecture which Eleven will release, aimed at exploring design-led solutions on the hot-subject of contemporary space exploration.

For this competition, Eleven asked thinkers, students, professionals, architects, designers, artists, academics, scientists and visionaries from around the world to imagine proposals for ‘Moontopia’: the first ever self-sufficient lunar colony designed for living, working, researching and – why not – a little space tourism too!

Joining the editorial team at Eleven, the competition was judged by a group of experts, which included space-architects, academics and NASA designers. Hundreds of people from all across the globe and from all continents joined this lunar challenge with their unique visions of Moontopia, making it one of the most successful and international competitions of 2016.

Today, Eleven is excited to introduce their winning projects. We hope you enjoy them and leave you dreaming for the Moon.

by Monika Lipinska, Laura Nadine Olivier and Inci Lize Ogun

A medium-scale lunar colony, Test Lab invasions a base point in the frontline of space exploration and Lunar colonisation. Beautifully presented in their sheets, this winning team have developed a design which acts as an initial base on the Moon to conduct further testing on our satellite. The architecture can be allowed to grow and construct itself through a method of 3D printed self-assembly, gradually colonising the Moon over time. The most important structure of the Test Lab is the outer membrane. Based on a simple origami pattern and made of programmed carbon fibre, it has the ability to shape itself once it senses pressure variation with the first solar wind.

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