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Toronto City Hall, Toronto - Canada, Viljo Revell

Toronto City Hall

For a city with so much recent building and such a strong reputation as an attractive environment in which to live, Toronto has a notable shortage of original modern architecture. […]

Middelburg City Hall, Middelburg - Netherlands, RAU

Middelburg City Hall

Quality Atlas 2030’ aims to give direction to three building projects within and outside the town of Middelburg. The new town hall, constructed in 2002/2004, offers space to the municipal […]

De Woonplaats, Enschede - Netherlands, RAU

De Woonplaats

De Zuiderval in Enschede – the southern approach road from the A35 motorway direct to the town centre – designed as a prominent avenue with European appeal. The head office […]

Roc Aventus, Zutphen - Netherlands, RAU

Roc Aventus

Aventus location Zutphen, fills a gap that existed on the west side of the station square; the arrival of this building has given the public space a sharper profile and […]

Emelwerda College, Emmeloord - Netherlands, RAU

Emelwerda College

Emmeloord, the first city in the artificial flat landscape in the Northeast Polder (recovered in 1940) started being developed in 1947. Temporary barracks dating from the 1950s and a forlorn […]

Sports Center Llobregat, Barcelona - Spain, Alvaro Siza

Sports Center Llobregat

The new Llobregat Sports Centre in the Barcelona suburb of Cornella is an example of what could be achieved. Designed by Alvaro Siza, the 40,000sq m sports centre is part […]

Estoril Sol Residence, Cascais - Portugal, Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos

Estoril Sol Residence

The intervention proposal for replacing the existing Hotel Estoril Sol in Cascais, a new building complex comprising a residential program with an area equal to 28.800m ² and has 1,200 […]

Detached House in Kifisia

The two-storied 380 sqm detached house shares part of a slopped narrow site with another detached house that is situated at the back of the site. The two properties are […]

Detached house in Exarchea

The 237sqm detached house is located near Alexandra ‘s Avenue, in the area of Exarchea and accommodates a couple. A two-storied neoclassic residence built before 1923 occupied the entire small […]

Detached House in Drosia

Detached House in Drosia

The 580 sqm detached house is organized in the form of an L shape inside the oblong site and accommodates a four member family. The integration of the residence into […]

Child Centre De Es, Assen - Netherlands, RAU

Child Centre De Es

The newly conceived anthroposophical child centre de Es in Assen provides care and schooling for children from 0 to 12. And ambitious and challenging concept – and after careful planning […]

Schouwen-Duiveland City Hall

After fifty years of turbulent change, the Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland now has new roots: a single town hall intended to make the entire community flourish in the years to come. […]

Heerenschurli Sports Facilities, Zurich - Switzerland, Dürig AG

Heerenschurli Sports Facilities

With its 10.2 ha total surface, the Heerenschurli in Schwamendingen is one of the three biggest sports grounds of Zurich. The increasing demand for sports facilities lead to a competition […]

Arena Dragão Caixa, Porto - Portugal, Risco Architects

Arena Dragão Caixa

The site, which is irregular in shape, is actually the left-over of a network of road infrastructures. The construction of the pavilion is particularly important in urban terms, because it […]

Zutphen City Hall, Zutphen - Netherlands, RAU

Zutphen City Hall

Two years after its founding, RAU was working closely with all participants in the design process to create a town hall providing 9000 m² in the administrative heart of historic […]

Unité d’Habitation

Le Corbusier designed several variations of the Unité d’Habitation, the most famous of which is in Marseille, France. All were derived from Le Corbusier’s visionary 1922 city plan, known as […]

Open House Thessaloniki 2012

Open House Thessaloniki 2012

Although Greece hosts for the very first time “Open House”, the event was a great success.  Especially for Thessaloniki that completes 100 years of freedom. The whole city was transformed […]

Re-Use / Re- Duce

Re-Use / Re- Duce

by Kiriaki Gavogianni The Avenue of the Knights in Rhodes Old Town Living in a Greek island in summer and having to work is a very difficult task. As I […]