Propaganda Competition Results

Propaganda 1st Place: DAVIDE MASSERINI, Milan, Italy

1st Place: DAVIDE MASSERINI, Milan, Italy

Device as space, space as device
A propaganda of spaces

In Propaganda competition, participants challenged to reinterpret, repurpose, and reimagine architectural propaganda. Within an open format, arch out loud explored the relationship of architecture and it’s ability to spread ideas or beliefs within the psychological state of a population past and future. The competition received entries from around the world and was judged by architects and educators such as Brian Johnsen, Sebastian Schmaling, and Yaohua Wang.

2nd Place: PAUL NIVELLE, VICTOR DRUOT, Bordeaux, France


3rd Place: LUO PENG, Beijing, China

All of the competition winners along with jury statements and the competition brief can be found at the following link: