Heidi Weber Museum

Heidi Weber Museum, Zurich, Switzerland, Le Corbusier
Project year: 1967
Address: Höschgasse 8, ZURICH, Switzerland
Latitude/Longitude: 47.3561302,8.5510098


The Heidi Weber Museum, also known as the Centre Le Corbusier, was completed after Le Corbusier died and it now works as a museum and gallery.

The structure of the building was designed to have two parts. The first one is two cubes that have sides of enameled steel panels and glass. Above these cubes, but structurally separate, there is a massive gray steel umbrella or parasol.

Various uses of the building were able to work with the help of the modular construction of the cubes that proved sufficiently flexible to their accomodation, These uses range from the house that the building was originally designed to the gallery it now is and was always envisaged as becoming. The inner building has the ability to take on different configurations, within the space that lies beneath the umbrella roof.