“Architecture is life not meant to be lived in one place”.

ArchiTravel, architravel.com, is an online architecture travel guide. Providing the exact addresses along with maps, descriptions and photos for world’s architecture projects, it is the best source of information for your cultural trip.

Moreover, ArchiTravel is a word, a verb, a call-to-action idea to promote architectural education to the wider public worldwide.

This idea begun from a series of questions. Have we learned how to understand a place in general? Have we learned to interpret the stimuli that place transmits to us? Do we even realize it? The importance of analyzing architecture’s relationship with tourism is not to find the economic benefits of this relationship, but to get to know a place through the transmission of architectural education. That certainly does not mean to gain an architecture degree. The misconception of architecture restricts it to simply being associated with the construction of a building or an urban regeneration. But, architecture is more than that. It is anything that unnaturally composes the environment in which we move. Therefore, architectural education means knowing the desires for a well-structured environment. This kind of education can only be gained in real life, through the experiences a user has in a place.

There comes architecture’s connection with tourism, as the user of a place can be either a resident or a tourist. In the case of architectural education, tourists are more important, as the ones who receive the most subconscious messages by moving from place to place. Their mind subconsciously associates countless images with parts of their memory. They thus acquire the knowledge which they transfer, compare and invest or not later in their permanent place of residence. So, the more people are experiencing architecture, the more next generations will be further educated on it. And, that will lead to better environments, better life, more cultural awareness. That’s why, ArchiTravel unveils the most beautiful projects of architecture in all corners of this world, even the most remote ones.

If you are a traveler, add as much architecture to your trips as possible with this guide. ArchiTravel the world and become an architecture lover. You can choose your favorite projects from every place or, even better, all of them and have your architecture guide to go. You will return with enriched real experiences and then, you can spread the word, become part of the goal to promote architectural education and help in the creation of a better future.

Maria Anagnostou
Founder of ArchiTravel
Architect, MSc in Tourism and Cultural Planning and Development

Alexios Vandoros
Founder of ArchiTravel
Architect, Entrepreneur