Extension of a Beach House in Punta Hermosa

Extension of a Beach House in Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos
Project year: 2011
Address: La Carabela 289, Punta Hermosa 15846, LIMA, Peru
Latitude/Longitude: -12.334915820249778,-76.82882602558044


This beach resort is internationally well-known since it was on this beach that the once world’s surfing champion, Sofía Mulanovich, trained herself. Punta Hermosa is one of the most traditional beach resorts South of the Lima city, in Peru.

Its spontaneous and unplanned growth has given it over time a particular urban profile and image, reflecting various types of architectural designs and styles.

In this context, a request was received by us to carry out an extension of an old house built on the Northern seaside area of this beach resort.

The extended area includes a master bedroom, with walk-in closet and its own bathroom on the second storey; it also has a roofed terrace and swimming pool on the ground floor, each of these spaces with a full view of the sea horizon.

The overall design is a volume that seems to be hung within the whole composition; it maintains the height and retreats of the original house to create a subtle link between different architectural times in history.

Overall, this architectural piece becomes an urban tag that seeks to strengthen and revalue the corner on which it stands.

Text description provided by the architects.

Contributed by Artadi Arquitectos