Day Nursery Malvína

Day Nursery Malvína, Prague, Czech Republic, No Architects
Project year: 2021
Address: Křižíkova 159/56, Prague 8 – Karlín, PRAGUE, Czech Republic
Latitude/Longitude: 50.09310131748191,14.454280839368714


Reconstruction of the international day care nursery Malvína.
Malvína prefers order – a quick goodbye kiss and let’s play! Eda hesitates for a moment but agrees. But what about their parents? They find farewells difficult. When mum and dad are stressed, Malvína and Eda worry about them too much. For this reason, we have installed windows where children, held in the arms of their nannies, can wave a last goodbye and their mums can continue without upset. Another advantage of these windows is the easy view into the bedroom and playroom where dads can rest assured their precious ones are not grieving their absence. Bending can cause troubles for grandmas and grandpas, and for this reason we have designed special steps that remove the need to bend – dressing up is now child’s play. In the changing room can be found a changing table for daddies to have some “fun and games”. While calm, adult company is helpful for Malvina and Eda, it is not enough. They expect more.

Adjustments for staff have been made. By shortening and streamlining operating activities, the nannies have more time for Eda and Malvina. The space is organised so that everything is at arm’s length, behind a single wall with many doors. This way, Malvína can check nannies through the doors if they are in view and have their full attention.

Malvina and Eda are also bon vivants. And we, professionals, know that only open kitchen areas are fashionable nowadays. Eda also wants to be a part of the food preparation process. Due to the fact that dining is seen as a collective experience, Eda and his closest companions are seated where they desire – right under a nanny’s nose, in the middle of the kitchen counter. His mum cannot offer him this luxury at home. And since Malvína likes to nibble in the middle of games out of snack time, a low kitchen counter is available, where she can get something whenever she wants.

Eda and Malvina accept no conventions. In case they need to use the innovation called toilet, unisex is only acknowledged. Children, carefully watched by the nannies through a window, rush back to their games and require nannies to be able to dart out any time, helping with pieces of clothing or with washing hands when needed.

While Malvína prefers doing wild performances on yellow mats, Eda appreciates creating and drawing – he makes abstract art exclusively, which is afterwards curated by his favourite art collector – his daddy. Eda, however, chooses different body positions for his creative process – he can be seen standing, then sitting or squatting. He also enjoys involving his friends who are different ages and heights. For these reasons, desks and chairs of three different heights are offered by us and can be furthermore freely combined.

Malvina and Eda are athletes and tourists primarily, thus we prepared an adventurous playing environment where they can climb up to the red rocky nest or disappear for research in the blue cave. A lot of small-scale toys for motor skills development are hidden all around the nursery, prepared to tease their intellectual needs. Lastly, despite their vitality, they enjoy having a nap in the private bedroom which, regardless of the nannies’ disapproval, can turn into a playground.

Eda also wants to be sure that the custom furniture, custom lighting and acoustics meet regulations. Malvína pays attention to recycling and if fire safety is on its highest level. They consider the interior is approved, and we can feel relieved – until the moment they set out to the garden and check the playground area.

Text description provided by the architects.

Authors: Jakub Filip Novák, principal architect | Daniela Baráčková, principal architect
Co-authors: Barbora Jelínek, architect | Kristýna Plischková, architect
Built-up area: 120m²
Gross floor area: 130m²
Usable floor area: 120m²
Plot size: 500m²
Client: MALVÍNA – art kindergarten

Contributed by No Architects