Lange Eng Cohousing Community

Lange Eng Cohousing Community, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dorte Mandrup
Project year: 2008
Address: Lange Eng 1, 2620 Albertslund, COPENHAGEN, Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.66433583309873,12.34401290609476


Prioritizing the common spaces and the community of the families living here, the building was designed as a typical Danish block, surrounding a large common courtyard – a common green garden space.

The outer perimeter of the block towards the forest is relatively closed, the facade and the roof clad in the same material, whereas the building towards the garden appears light and open.

From every resident there is access to the garden space and terraces along the facades offers a convenient platform bringing life from the homes into the common space.

Text description provided by the architects.

Area: 6400m2
Engineer: Leif Hansen
Landscape: Marianne Levinsen

Contributed by Dorte Mandrup