Vegas Sports Showroom

Vegas Sports Showroom, Gurgaon, India, The Picturesque Studio
Project year: 2021
Address: SCO-303, Sector 29, GURGAON, India
Latitude/Longitude: 28.464372529947045,77.0648415155963


The new Vegas Sports showroom creates a quirky, exploratory shopping experience for sports lovers.

The new showroom for Vegas Sports, located in Sector 29, Gurgaon, is a play haven for kids and sports lovers alike. Crafted by The Picturesque Studio using a product-first design language, the store is spaciously laid out to create seamless visual connections. The design scheme employs subtle, subliminal hints that encourage people to explore the space: ample circulation space, and nooks that unfold within a meandering layout.

Derived from an open plan, this layout determines the viability of success for the design of the store. The interior displays are arranged in such a way that they reveal themselves as the shoppers traverse the space, pulling them deeper with exciting elements. The design dedicates separate sections to individual sports, the demarcations between sections being achieved with the help of minimal, lightweight display shelves. Substantial space is left from the ceiling to maintain continuous visibility while creating an illusion of height. Space is optimized through clever details like wall-mounted and ceiling-suspended stands for bulky items like bicycles. A sleek metal-and-wood staircase anchors the store, designed with slim treads and a simple stringer beam so as to not interrupt the visual connection through the entire area.

Eclectic elements like a house-shaped display shelf and a console table crafted from a bicycle appeal to the sentimentality of the customers. Rows of cricket bats used in place of railings put the ‘fun’ in functional additions to the design of the showroom. A stark use of materials and interior details lend the store a clean look, with contrasting materials being paired alongside to create visual separation between spaces without constructing physical barriers, and thereby without compromising on area. Astroturf has been used in several places as a backsplash and flooring to give the entire design scheme a fresh and alfresco character, like a playground that calls out to the customers’ inner child.

The Vegas Sports showroom is a testament to how design can be used to make what is a typically functional space into a fun, memorable shopping experience.

Text description provided by the architects.

Principal architect: Priya Doon

Contributed by The Picturesque Studio