Author: Stamatia Koloniari

Stamatia Koloniari

Stamatia Koloniari is a young graduate architect . She is creative, hard-working and loves to put things in the place they are meant to be, in order to function and to look beautiful and harmonious, both in her work and in her life. Her expression is not only limited in the field of architecture as she has also been working as an on-stage musical performer, something that has amplified her perspective, helping her understand the world of artists. Her need for communication and feeling of the people and the world in general, makes her a good listener and observer. Having, as well, worked as a project manager for a big theatrical play, she has dealt with groups of hundreds, meaning multiple responsibilities and tasks. What she loves is to travel, to engage with different cultures and professions, as she knows that all people on earth are equal and have something to give in the process of creating. “Everything and everyone has something to teach me about myself every day. To see something that I have, or something I don’t and I am grateful for that.”

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