Photographer: Nelson Garrido

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Casa no Príncipe Real, Lisbon, Portugal, Camarim Arquitectos

Casa no Príncipe Real

Located a few metres from the Garden of Príncipe Real in Lisbon, this 41 m² plot allows the construction of a small 5-storey urban house for a family. The exiguity of the plot has led us to a scheme where each floor has a different function and layout and all […]

Star House, Bnaider, Kuwait, AGi Architects

Star House

Nestled into the landscape, this beach house blends with the natural topography of the coastline of Kuwait.  It slowly unfolds itself to the visitor, as it is approached from the desert. Upon entry, one gets glimpses of the sea whilst going down to the public space of the chalet. On […]

Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic, Kuwait City, Kuwait, AGi Architects

Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic

Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic building by AGi architects stands as a pioneer in the healthcare sector, where challenging issues such as privacy and security are addressed using a new model, where courtyards attached to the façade are the driving element behind this unique typology. The program occupies the entirety […]