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Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Iceland, Arkís arkitektar, Henning Larsen Architects

Reykjavík University

“UniverCity” The new Reykjavik University is seen as a town rather than a building. Laying out the University as a classic, closekniturban structure with streets, squares, recesses and courtyards creates a place with urbanity, dynamism and community at its centre. The main central space of the University – Crossroads – […]

Icelandic Institute of Natural History, Reykjavík, Iceland, Arkís arkitektar

Icelandic Institute of Natural History

The institute The Institute of Natural History is a public institution, carrying out diverse research and monitoring of nature. Research is especially focused on botany, ecology, taxonomy geology and zoology. The new building for the Icelandic Institute of Natural History houses research facilities and offices for 50 scientists and other […]

Park Ranger‘s Cabins Blágil, Reykjavík, Iceland, Arkís arkitektar

Park Ranger‘s Cabins Blágil

Ranger cabin in Blágil Ranger cabins in Vatnajökull National Park both serve as the ranger’s workplace and home, during the period of duty. The cabins are designed in three different sizes as they have the capacity to be inhabited by 1 – 4 employees. Each cabin has its own workshop. […]