Autentista Wine Bar

Autentista Wine Bar, Prague, Czech Republic, FormaFatal
Project year : 2019
Architect(s) :
Address : Řetězová 10, 110 00 Staré Město, PRAGUE, Czech Republic
Latitude/Longitude : 50.08539408924055,14.417559517791206

Photographs :

Usable floor area : 111 m2
Client : Antonín Suchánek, Bogdan Troják

Text description provided by the architects. The original assignment was to transform the vaulted interior of an Old Town house into an inviting and cosy place dedicated to the exquisite taste of natural wines. In other words, to fit the purpose of the Autentista Wine Bar. Mr Bogdan Trojak and Mr Antonín Suchánek, the bar owners (not to mention the men behind the successful wine festival “Praha pije víno” or “Prague drinks wine”), expressed their wish to create a space with an atmosphere that would be in harmony with the wines. Authentic wines are a luxury, so the idea was for it to be just as luxurious as the product itself, yet still simple and natural, for such is the reality of authentic wine production.

By definition, a natural wine should be produced without any extra added ingredients and with respect for nature, and similarly the bar’s design stays true to the work principles adopted by the FormaFatal studio a long time ago. All materials are presented in their original and pure form. Prefabricated steel sections are not concealed by perfect pigmented coating; their natural – patina – colours shine through. Sanded steel joining elements are left on show, unconcealed. This is what makes such constructions truly authentic.

The patina on the walls underlines the breath of history running through the house and comes with a pleasant, darkened vibe. The same goes for the numerous indirect LED strip lights that highlight the contours of the vaults and the whole interior with their warm light. The shape of atypical lamps on the walls evokes that of a glass of freshly poured wine. Dimmable lights such as these may serve as atmosphere changers, adjusting to different occasions. Above the bar table, there is another atypical lamp, faithful, like the others, to the poetics of wine. It is made out of a scorched acacia log. Acacia wood used to be the go-to material for fence posts marking the vineyards and its burnt finish increased the wood’s soil resistance and therefore longevity. References to wine and nature may be found in the gradients on the table prints, the cement‑texture paint on the floors, and the backyard walls. Eye-catching Moooi Meshmatic chandeliers placed as centre pieces are in perfect harmony with the interior concept thanks to their direct and pure form. They play the role of a highlight as well as a friendly companion.

The Autentista wine bar reflects the continuing effort of investors to raise awareness about natural wines. Plus, the new design of the bar intends to loosely derive from the previous purpose of the space – a literary café. This era is reflected in the night sky graphic print covering the sides of the bar. The artist is Janko Dočekal. Since the investors expressed their wish to incorporate ASCII graphics in the design, the sides of the bar look like a starry night full of constellations consisting only of ASCII characters. For it is true that the winemakers are the real stars – they turn grapes into wine, just like writers and artists turn simple characters into literature and paintings.

Contributed by FormaFatal