Bužanova Apartments

Bužanova Apartments, Zagreb, Croatia, 3LHD
Project year : 2018
Architect(s) :
Address : Corner of Bužanova and Štrigina Street, ZAGREB, Croatia
Latitude/Longitude : 45.811762,16.003820

Photographs :

Site (m²) : 4953
Size (m²) : 20260
Volume (m²) : 72332
Footprint (m²) : 2290
Level (m) : 114.00
Client : VMD Model d.o.o.
Project team 3LHD : Saša Begović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Marko Dabrović, Silvije Novak, Marijana Pivac, Vibor Granić, Nevena Kuzmanić, Jure Živković, Nives Krsnik Rister, Dora Bilandžić, Ema Gerovac
Project team collaborators : Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić
Project team VMD : VMD Projekt (Majda Vidović, Anton Vidak, Ana Serdar)
Artistic murals (lobby) : ”Aquarium” – Ena Jurov, ”Animals escape into the city” – Jelena Bando, ”Vista” – Mario Kolarić, ”Meadow from a dream” – Miron Milić
Signage and environmental graphics design : Dora Bilandžić, Adriana Pavelić
Landscape design : Mislav Deželić
Traffic planning project : Boris Leović
Building physics : Željko Sušić (BIT ARH)
Structural engineering : Damir Džakić (Projekt konstrukcija F.I.)
Foundation pit protection, geomechanical project : Živko Mihovilović (Grasa)
HVAC : Tomislav Hanžek (Eksperterm)
Drainage and hydrant network : Goran Suša (Astrid)
Electrical engineering : Matej Lijović (Elektroplan)
Elevators : Marin Blažetić (Schindler)
Sprinkler installation : Marko Balen (LSG Building Solutions)
Shelter project : Ivan Samac (Damin plan)
Geodetic survey : Roni Mahić (Knez-invest)
Fire safety, health and safety project : Goran Kosović (Inženjering Kosović)
Site supervision : VMD Projekt
Main contractor : Team Građenje
Subcontractors : Facades – aluminium façade: KFK d.o.o., Facades – carpentry work: Pana stolarija d.o.o., Facades – ceramics: Econ d.o.o.

Text description provided by the architects. 3LHD in cooperation with the client, VMD model developed this housing block, Bužanova Apartments. The project is located five minutes walking distance from Kvaternik Square, in the centre of Zagreb. It is a quiet street with an abundance of greenery, but within reach of the city bustle.

The pure form of Zagreb Lower Town blocks was the inspiration of the architectural concept of the building. Two volumes on the corner of two peaceful, urban green streets consist the block with classic elegance and proportion of openings.

Flexible and adaptable apartment floor plans are allowed from a load-bearing façade and central structural cores with staircases. Their transformation and personalization is easy according to client ideas.

Large window openings positioned within emphasized frames are the key feature of the facade design. The idea behind these large openings that combine windows, balconies and loggias was to create interiors flooded with natural light that provide beautiful views. Only two materials, aluminium window frames and ceramic tiles are featured in the facade, reinforcing the purity of the structure’s form.

The project has additional specific features that offer a higher standard of living, apart from spacious apartments and large windows. The ground floor has commercial and hospitality amenities as public space, while the entrance lobbies for residents are separate and private. A mural done by a selected young Croatian artist decorates the walls of each of the entrance spaces, further enhancing the living experience. Underground, there are other service and technical facilities and storage units, as well as a garage for all of the residential units and commercial spaces.

The smallest apartment is 75m2 and the largest penthouse is 220m2, offering a variety in structure and size. A loggia, balcony or a terrace for enjoying the peace and greenery that surround the block is part of each apartment as an outdoor open-air space. Panoramic large windows open the interiors and allow communication with the environment. Apartment units are furnished with high quality equipment to ensure maximum comfort of living.

Contributed by 3LHD