Fukoku Life Osaka

Fukoku Life Osaka, Japan, Dominique Perrault Architecture
Project year : 2010
Architect(s) :
Address : 〒530-0018 大阪府大阪市北区小松原町2−4 地下2F Osaka Fukoku Seimei Building, OSAKA, Japan
Latitude/Longitude : 34.702334,135.500127

Photographs :

Associated Architect : Shimizu Corporation Architects & Engineers
Engineering : Shimizu Corporation Architects & Engineers
Client : Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company
Development Director : Mitsubishi Estate Group
Site Area : 3.900 sqm Built
Area : 68.500 sqm (including car park)

The tower looks like a great tree, whose base is widening as the roots, while the body remains straight and vertical. The façade of the building shell is covered with scales larger and more marked at the bottom than the top.

The color of the plant turn inspired by the colors: light green, dark green. Mirrors inlaidin relief reflect the colors of the environment and the sky. This set of colors evokes Nature and the botanical garden envelope and scientific located in the heart of the building are evoked with this set of colors.

This garden is located at the crossroads of major avenues is very visible. A welcoming and unexpected exit from the central station in Osaka is created. Day or night, the garden is now in the city and became the living symbol of the building.