Hotel Caroline

Hotel Caroline, Vienna, Austria, BWM Architekten
Project year : 2016
Architect(s) :
Address : Götzgasse 7, VIENNA, Austria
Latitude/Longitude : 48.178828,16.372258

Photographs :

Client : Privatstiftung Sucher
BWM Team : Rita Guggenberger (PL), Alexandra Stage, Massimiliano Marian, Ingrid Schmid, Michal Jiskra
Side supervision : BUBELEICHHORN ZT GmbH
Building phyisics : Ing. Rainer Steppan
HVAC : TB Ing. Heiling GesmbH
Statics : KS Ingenieure ZT GmbH

Text description provided by the architects. Hotel Caroline enjoys a central location near Vienna’s main train station. The new building connects the two existing parts of the hotel dating back to the 19th century by means of a central corner building with five floors. The new façade is clad with bricks, a nod to the history of Vienna’s 10th district, which still boasts a number of historical industrial buildings.

The interior breaks with the “rough” look of the exterior and has a milder effect. The comfort of the turn-of-the-century Viennese salon – with dark wood, Thonet chairs and soft, slinky fabrics – awaits guests. Cosy upholstered furniture gives the rooms a homey atmosphere. The rooms are furnished individually and each have their own style. This high level of individuality is also reflected in the façade, where the French windows on the various floors are not aligned in the customary way. The interior and exterior are united through timeless elegance, leading the Viennese salon into the 21st century with the highest standards of contemporary hotel culture.

Contributed by BWM Architekten