LR1 – Provincial Government Office

LR1 - Provincial Government Office, Erlangen, Germany, AllesWirdGut
Project year : 2018
Architect(s) :
Address : Nägelsbachstraße 1, ERLANGEN, Germany
Latitude/Longitude : 49.59209254347283,11.003321187172075

Photographs :

Team competition : Andreas Göpfert, Christian Zotz
Team execution : Bernhard Schnetz, Christian Zotz, Christof Braun, Ferdinand Kersten, Katharina Kuchler, Michael Strixner, Nadine Tschinke, Petra Panna Nagy
Landscape planning : el:ch Landschaftsarchitektur München
Structural engineering : SFP-Ingenieure Erlangen

Text description provided by the architects. With this significant building AllesWirdGut marks the structural upgrading of this part of the inner city of Erlangen in Bavaria. The new Provincial Government Office forms the pivotal element of the district development. The development responds to regional and supraregional relations and links important inner-city connections. Several finger – like structures gather around an atrium and resemble a four-leaf clover. Open spaces are created around the building by moving the building from its immediate property lines, which complement and enhance the public space in terms of quality.

With this urban form, the requirements for a clear-cut office building are set, which manages all existing public flows in a natural way and leads along the shortest route to the central entrance hall with its multi-storey atrium.

The glass base of the ground floor is open to the public on all sides and features a cafeteria with seating, both indoors and outdoors. A generously open staircase leads to the upper floors, where offices are designed for different purposes. The smooth glass facade is complemented by aluminum fins. They protect from sunlight and lend the facade both movement and depth.

Contributed by AllesWirdGut