Sports Hall in Borky

Sports Hall in Borky, Kolín, Czech Republic, OV-A
Project year : 2021
Architect(s) :
Address : Brankovická 1621, KOLÍN, Czech Republic
Latitude/Longitude : 50.037329144631265,15.186767312637674

Photographs :

Authors : Štěpán Valouch, Jiří Opočenský
Co-author : Magdalena Havlová, Jakub Neumann
Built-up Area : 2300 m²
Gross Floor Area : 2300 m²
Usable Floor Area : 2000 m²
Plot size : 7635 m²
General constructor : Strabag

Text description provided by the architects. Sports hall for 6 sport disciplines, 6 dressing rooms for 20 players each, 120 visitor seats and a club-room with a bar.

Clients brief was to build a sports hall with facilities and a seating tribune next to the Elbe river. The proposal won 1st place in architectural competition.

The plot is located at the north-east edge of the Kolín town, close to the tennis courts and an athletic stadium. This sport facilities ansamble is enclosed by deciduous forest and is accesed by a cycle path by the Elbe river.

The proposal is influenced by the surrounding flatness of the terrain, where it’s easy to bicycle. By the friendly atmosphere of the nearby town. By the slow flow of Elbe River and by the plot location in the woods. The concept is based on a low single storey building, roofed with an overlapping cantilever and the wooden mass of the elevated hall. The cantilever delimitates the low part of the building what brings a small-scale friendly atmosphere. The high wooden lantern is peaking over the lower part. The big windows illuminating the interior refer to the Czech tradition of Sokol sports halls with the optimistic spirit in the state-founding interwar period.

The layout plan is based on a simple decision to place the whole program on one floor. Everything is easily accessible while enabling a sufficient control and overview for the receptionist desk.

The entrance hall flows into a buffet. It’s possible to connect or divide the two spaces if necessary. Dressing rooms, toilets and technical rooms follows in this lower part of the building. Entrances to the playing field are separated for visitors and players.

The building structure is founded on a monolithic reinforced concrete slab and the vertical support structure is made of precast reinforced concrete columns. The roof trusses are glued laminated timber with a 32 m spans. The wall structure infill between the columns is of precast concrete panels. The whole structure is thermal insulated with ETICS. In the interior, acoustic sealing and cladding is introduced.

The object is heated and partly cooled with a heat pumps. A small is photovoltaic power plant is installed on the lower roof. The interior can be ventilated naturally, in the winter and summer season the ventilation is managed by the instrumentation control system. The building is energetically passive.

Contributed by OV-A