Stardom Entertainment Office

Stardom Entertainment Office, Seoul, South Korea, D.LIM Architects
Project year: 2013
Address: 1008-2 Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, SEOUL, South Korea
Latitude/Longitude: 37.46561562441413,126.89716400250089


From an abandoned warehouse to a new entertainment office in the meatpacking district.
D·LIM architects converted a previously abandoned warehouse in the meatpacking district of Doksan into music record label, Stardom Entertainment’s new office. Located in Seoul, the area has been in steady decline, with the traditional market (originally founded in 1973) also struggling. Successfully renovating the building in a delicate and economic way, D·LIM architects added a new facade to the front facing the main street. Translucent polycarbonate panels were applied onto a colorful graffiti wall, where the retirement album-jacket image of Korean hip pop musician Cho PD, an original founder of the stardom entertainment office, is displayed.

The decaying exterior cladding tiles were painted with a dark grey coat, leaving remnants of the building’s wear and tear still visible. Vulnerable structures were carefully reinforced to keep the existing outer shell almost intact. Most of the interior concrete finishes are exposed as they are, showing their genuine textures and trace of time. At the entrance, would-be stars enter a lined lobby, where they see sunshine filtering down onto the courtyard that lies ahead. The new office will hopefully act as a catalyst for the change this meatpacking district needs.

Text description provided by the architects.

Architects: Yeonghwan Lim + Sunhyun Kim
Design team: Jea-Ok Kim, Ji-Sun Park, Kyung-min Jang, Jung-ho Choi, Jeong-tae Kim
Site area: 3,065.80m2
Building area: 548.80m2
Gross floor area: 1,775.65m2
Structural engineering: Eun Structural engineering
Construction: JAEJIN Construction
Mechanical engineering: Hitec Engineering Co.,Ltd
Electrical engineering: Hitec Engineering Co.,Ltd

Contributed by D.LIM Architects