Trinity Bridge

Trinity Bridge, Manchester, United Kingdom, Santiago Calatrava
Project year: 1995
Address: Manchester M3 2LY, MANCHESTER, United Kingdom
Latitude/Longitude: 53.4824182,-2.2509461

Trinity Bridge in Manchester is a small, domestically scaled footbridge, settled across the Irwell River in a densely built area of central area. The single walkway that starts from the Manchester side of the river forks in mid air on the Salford side, curving into a choice of ramped pathways up and down the river, and has a third option of steps down to continue if you want to continue straight ahead. In the center of this fork is the single 41-meter pylon that supports the structure, angled dramatically towards Salford, away from the river crossing that hangs from it.

The three-dimensional geometry of the suspension cables, radiating from the sloping pylon to the three suspended pathways (the straight bridge and the two curved ‘on-ramps’) is ever-changing but continually pleasing as you walk across the bridge.