Bars and Restaurants

Cafeteria van Ruyven, derksen | windt architecten, Maasluis, Netherlands

Cafeteria van Ruyven

The young architectural firm derksen | windt architecten created the design for this striking cafeteria, which lies in its surroundings as a stopping place in an environment dominated by industrial […]

Beton Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine, Yunakov Architects

Beton Restaurant

Beton Restaurant is made in the loft style. With all the attributes of the industrial trend, such as concrete structures and surfaces, rusted metal and glass. The effect of rusty […]

Cafeteria Los Nogales, Bogota, Colombia, Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Cafeteria Los Nogales

Under the idea of making an expressive and seismically efficient structure, Cafeteria Los Nogales is designed with a single type V column of architectural concrete -using white cement- which gradually rotates […]

La Condesa, Austin - Texas, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

La Condesa

The design of La Condesa is the unique collaboration of local designers, artists, and artisans to create a space inspired by the contemporary architecture of Mexico with a composition of […]

Club Passage, Vienna - Austria, Söhne & Partner Architects

Club Passage

Club Passage is the bold idea to revive a former pedestrian underpass which was lined by abandoned shops and once connected Babenberger Straße and Burggarten was rewarded by a venturesome […]

Café-Restaurant OPEN

Café-restaurant OPEN is a simple, pure, transparent volume. It fits precisely onto the disused railway bridge at the Westerdokskade in Amsterdam. The undulation of the pivoting windows results in an elegant glazed façade, […]