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After completing his graduate studies in architecture (Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris) and earning a Masters’ degree in urban planning with honors at Columbia University, Nabil Gholam joined Ricardo Bofill’s Taller de Arquitectura, and brought to completion a broad range of projects in over 20 countries. In 1994 Nabil Gholam decided to set up his own practice and founded Nabil Gholam architecture & planning (NGAP) in Beirut. In parallel with ngª’s growing reach, a European office has been established in Barcelona in 2006 and relocated to Seville in 2010 in order to direct the firm’s international ventures. In 2009, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the firm, a new graphic identity and website were launched under the name of nabil gholam architects (ngª).

Today, nabil gholam architects has grown into an international multidisciplinary team of architects, planners, designers and consultants with a portfolio spanning an extensive list of projects in architecture and urbanism. ngª has attracted attention, winning several competitions and major international awards.

ArchiTravel Interviews Nabil Gholam

ArchiTravel Interviews Nabil Gholam

ArchiTravel interviews the architect Nabil Gholam. Interview by : Christianna Tsigkou Christianna Tsigkou: What is the importance of architectural tourism? Nabil Gholam: Besides the positive elements of tourism in general which can always be beneficial to a country or a city especially of the second or third world, it has […]