Place: Bangladesh

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Canadian Chancery and Official Residence, Dhaka, Bangladesh, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Canadian Chancery and Official Residence

An embassy is a privileged architectural commission. It offers the opportunity to represent the cultural values of one’s ‘guest’ country and to show respect for the culture of the ‘host’ country. Bangladesh is one of the world’s densest and poorest nations. It has a hot climate with monsoon rains that […]

Jinat Batika, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 3 Points Consultant

Jinat Batika

My client lives in the capital city, Dhaka. In his busy schedule, to relax and fraternize with his relatives, he makes time to visit with his family to his native village Raichota, 40 kilometers from Chittagong. The Bay of Bengal is about 2.5 kilometers away from the site, which gives […]

Shaer Mohammad Para Jame Mosque, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 3 Points Consultant

Shaer Mohammad Para Jame Mosque

Main idea is to design an open and transparent space within a basic form where people can find peace and relate themselves with the surroundings. As we believe “Honesty, Transparency and Openness bring Peace of Mind.”– Dalai Lama The mosque is at West Raichota which is a remote coastal area […]