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Extension of a Beach House in Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos

Extension of a Beach House in Punta Hermosa

This beach resort is internationally well-known since it was on this beach that the once world’s surfing champion, Sofía Mulanovich, trained herself. Punta Hermosa is one of the most traditional beach resorts South of the Lima city, in Peru. Its spontaneous and unplanned growth has given it over time a […]

House in Las Casuarinas, Lima, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos

House in Las Casuarinas

The house is located on the side of one of the hills of Las Casuarinas, Lima (Peru). The land, with a steep slope, is in a privileged position with impressive views of the city of Lima and can be accessed from the upper part and the lower part from a […]

House in La Encantada, Lima, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos

House in La Encantada

La Encantada is a suburb of Lima, located next to the sea. The project consists of a permanent single family home located in a fenced compound, 656 feet from the seashore. Owing to its suburban character, the design of the house arises from the objective of finding the best relationship […]

Oceanus Residential Building, Lima, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos

Oceanus Residential Building

The project consists of a residential building located on the oceanfront in Malecon de Chorrillos in the bay of Lima. The commission is unique as the land is next to a big house declared an old historical monument. The solution seeks to find the middle ground between the natural height […]