Casa YM

Casa YM, Rapallo, Italy, ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini
Project year : 2012
Architect(s) :
Address : Salita Sant'Agostino, RAPALLO, Italy
Latitude/Longitude : 44.354619 9.231728

Photographs :

Project team : Arch. Enrico Scaramellini (Architect in charge), Arch. Luca Trussoni

Text description provided by the architects. The penthouse is located above a block of flats, built in the sixties. The flat area is smaller than the lower floors, due to the façade withdrawing that generates a great terrace, all around the flat. Every room is connected with the exterior.

A flat roof defines the volume, closed by a sequence of walls and large windows. A large quantity of light comes in the interior spaces from these windows, which offers a favored view on the hills of the up country and to the coasts.

The new plan organization favors direct connection between living room and the great terrace. The main project purpose is to define a threshold between this two spaces. Due to the presence of several windows, the wall is difficultly usable. Besides living room and terrace are located on different levels. The solution is a fixed furniture, with irregular profile, a wave covered by a marble top that make ephemeral the border between in and out. At the same time is a seating, a base, a support.

The glazed kitchen, that seems polished by water,  with glazing lava stone floor, is strict in shapes and refined in materials. Visible through the glazed sliding doors, it’s a quiet presence that change the space of living room, becoming an extension of the latter when the doors are open.

The oak floor, chairs, wooden furniture, some walls paint, suspension lamps, take up the color of sand. Suspension lamps remind naval lanterns, emphasized by the contrast with other more discreet lights, as recessed lamps.

Three elements organize the corner with the sofa. Green color that remind underwater landscapes, the contrast between the different color of the walls, and the upper bookshelves that change the measure of the wall. These solutions cancel the corner perception.

The same “sand theme” characterizes bedrooms and bathrooms.

A renovation that research, through colours, materials, use of transparencies and space sequence definition, an elegant sea atmosphere.

Contributed by ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini