Optique Ampère

Optique Ampère, Grenoble, France, Cyrille Druart
Project year : 2013
Architect(s) :
Address : 6 Rue Ampère, GRENOBLE, France
Latitude/Longitude : 45.187083309594875,5.705691908593535

Text description provided by the architects. The shop is located in a new residential building.

One starting point was found in an existing oblique beam made of exposed concrete. The overall formal concept ensued, and is echoed in all the slanted walls.

The guiding principle inside is easily noticeable, with a glasses display shelving that runs for 90+ meters, spread over eights levels. It provides a frame to the shop, and visual continuity with the street outside.

The pure-white central display is supported by invisible glass structures, reminiscent of optical transparency.

Contributed by Cyrille Druart