Vacation House on Syros Island

Vacation House on Syros Island, Ermoupoli, Syros, Greece, Katerina Valsamaki
Project year: 2002
Address: Manna, Sklipi, SYROS ISLAND-CYCLADES, Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 37.433333,24.932063


This small house for vacation of 130sqm sits at the eastern part of Syros Island in the area of Manna, Sklipi, and was designed for a three-member family.

The design focused on integrating the building with the landscape and thus the three volumes of the building were organized around three walls made of local stone, similar to that found in the nearby slopes.

The irregular outline of the site as well as the view, dictated the almost linear development of the ground plan, in the centre of which the living spaces are developed, while flanking the latter are the sleeping areas. The rhythmical repetition of the openings that were created instead of large openings which are prohibited by the building regulations, as well as the uniform use of the same material both inside and outside, reinforce the visual connection with the surroundings. The neoclassical mansions of the island’s main city are finding references from The tall, narrow openings with the wooden shutters and the proportions of the building.

Text description provided by the architects.

Study: 1999-2000
Construction: 2000-2002

Contributed by Katerina Valsamaki