Showroom Plicosa

Showroom Plicosa, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Miel Arquitectos
Project year : 2018
Architect(s) :
Address : Carrer Gremi de velluters 21-31, Palma de Mallorca, MALLORCA-BALEARIC ISLANDS, Spain
Latitude/Longitude : 39.603881,2.658145

Photographs :

Size : 1935 m²
E&M engineering : Eduard Rodríguez
Structure advisory : Toni Casas

Text description provided by the architects. Showroom Plicosa is in essence a palm tree, hut and lounger… a display of outdoor furniture for wholesalers, a space to sell outdoors comfort to those who know how best to sell it to us. It is able to change each season without ever losing its primordial condition, being outside as a sufficiently abstract space… or at least pretending to be!

The addition of 8 attached industrial units with a slightly trapezoidal shape (20m x 7.60 / 8.20m) resulted to this commercial space. A sea of pillars appeared on a 1.235m² space, 5.80m high and slightly radial plant, when the 7 internal divisions were removed.

The exterior furniture par excellence is the rattan armchair, a climbing palm of Indonesian origin whose fibers are non-putrescent, very flexible and extremely resistant.

From the palm, the tree rattan; 2. From the Forest of pillars, the Palm Grove; 3.and for the inside / outside, the cabin in the forest. Then the 8 windows 8m wide and 4m high, a 70m long cinemascope screen to watch and to be seen.

Placing our body in relation to two nearby points is the natural way in which we find our own way in space. We triangulate just as when navigating … we never draw a mental grid!

Based on this cognitive evidence we established the spatial organization of the set adapting to the rhythm of the forest of palm trees with a “slightly radial” triangulation pattern.

And little more: restraining braces that support tribunes and balconies, lattices of cypress that sift and ventilate, black pipes and air condition shafts like the night that covers them, boxes inside boxes, hierarchies that are assembled as Russian dolls and the resulting “outer” space prepared for the SHOW, whether Truman or the independent Republic of your home.

Contributed by Miel Arquitectos