Religious Places

St John’s Church, Hamilton-New Zealand, MOAA Architects

St John’s Church

St John’s Church replaces the original church building dating from 1910. The existing building failed new earthquake standards, requiring the congregation to relocate to an adjacent hall. […]

Sunset Chapel, BNKR Arquitectura, Acapulco

Sunset Chapel

Our first religious commission, La Estancia Chapel, was a wedding chapel conceived to celebrate the first day of a couple’s new life. Our second religious commission had […]

Church Cloister, Nijmegen - Netherlands, diederendirrix architecten

Church Cloister

In Church Cloister, church and cloister become one compact entity. The flowing line from the somewhat closed facade together with the prominent bell tower draws the visitor […]

New Synagogue Dresden, Dresden - Gemany, Wandel Hoefer Lorch Architekten

New Synagogue Dresden

The New Synagogue Dresden – Double Destruction. Dresden is characterised by two destructions: Gottfried Semper´s synagogue in the„Reichskristallnacht“ on 9th of November 1938 and the entire historical city on […]

Synagogue LJG, Amsterdam - Netherlands, SeARCH

Synagogue LJG

Is true architecture not the design of emptiness; the space between walls, floors and ceilings, between the materials themselves? Does the opposite not lead inevitably to flamboyance […]

Jewish Center, Munich - Germany, Wandel Hoefer Lorch Architekten

Jewish Center

Our competition concept for Jewish Center was the idea of a natural integration of the Jewish Center into the structure of the city through public space. Its public […]

Bethany Church, Seattle - Washington, Miller Hull Partnership

Bethany Church

Bethany Community Church is a non-denominational church anchored in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. The Church has a rich history dating back to 1916.In 2004, Bethany […]