Religious Places

Temple Israel, Long Beach-California - United States, Abramson Teiger Architects

Temple Israel

The Temple Israel project in Long Beach was a renovation of a 1940s structure that had not been touched since the 1960s when a school addition was built. The goal […]

St John’s Church, Hamilton-New Zealand, MOAA Architects

St John’s Church

St John’s Church replaces the original church building dating from 1910. The existing building failed new earthquake standards, requiring the congregation to relocate to an adjacent hall. In contrast to […]

Dominican Chapel, Ibadan - Nigeria, Demas Nwoko

Dominican Chapel

Dominican Chapel is a landmark for the city of Ibadan. It is located in a hill with slight incline and it is surrounded with green lawns so that anyone can see the tower […]

Sunset Chapel, BNKR Arquitectura, Acapulco

Sunset Chapel

Our first religious commission, La Estancia Chapel, was a wedding chapel conceived to celebrate the first day of a couple’s new life. Our second religious commission had a diametrically opposite […]

La Estancia Chapel, BNKR Arquitectura, Cuernavaca, Mexico

La Estancia Chapel

La Estancia Wedding Gardens were conceived in a traditional Mexican baroque colonial style. When one of Bunker’s associates decided to marry here it was made known to us that the […]

Church Cloister, Nijmegen - Netherlands, diederendirrix architecten

Church Cloister

In Church Cloister, church and cloister become one compact entity. The flowing line from the somewhat closed facade together with the prominent bell tower draws the visitor to the entrance […]

New Synagogue Dresden, Dresden - Gemany, Wandel Hoefer Lorch Architekten

New Synagogue Dresden

The New Synagogue Dresden – Double Destruction. Dresden is characterised by two destructions: Gottfried Semper´s synagogue in the„Reichskristallnacht“ on 9th of November 1938 and the entire historical city on 13th and 14th […]

Chapel of St.Lawrence

Avanto Architects won an open architectural competition for Chapel of St.Lawrence in 2003 and the building was consecrated in August 2010. The site is situated in an important and ancient […]

Church of Miribilla, Bilbao - Spain, IMB Arquitectos

Church of Miribilla

A glass prism fitted into a structural grid captures the natural light that comes in from the exterior in what constitutes a three-dimensional and contemporary representation of the traditional stained […]

Synagogue LJG, Amsterdam - Netherlands, SeARCH

Synagogue LJG

Is true architecture not the design of emptiness; the space between walls, floors and ceilings, between the materials themselves? Does the opposite not lead inevitably to flamboyance and ostentation, to […]

Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle - Washington, Steven Holl

Chapel of St. Ignatius

Architect Steven Holl chose “A Gathering of Different Lights” as the guiding concept for the design of the Chapel of St. Ignatius. This metaphor describes Seattle University’s mission and it […]

Cathedral , Brasilia - Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer

Cathedral of Brasília

The Cathedral of Brasilia (Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida) in the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil, is an expression of the architect Oscar Niemeyer. This concrete-framed hyperboloid structure, […]

Parish House St. Josef, Zurich

Parish House St. Josef

Frei + Saarinen Architects of Switzerland renovated this 100 year-old parish centre in Zurich by installing walls at all angles. The project, entitled Parish House St. Josef, involved creating a […]

Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove-California-United States, Philip Johnson, John Burgee

Crystal Cathedral

The breathtakingly beautiful Crystal Cathedral structure combines both the intimacy and form of much contemporary architecture with the grandeur and magnificence of medieval cathedrals. It is a concept that had […]

Church Of The Light, Osaka - Japan, Tadao Ando

Church of the Light

Church of the light (sometimes called “Church with Light”) is the Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church’s main chapel. It was built in 1989, in the city of Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. This building is […]

Kate and Laurance Eustis Chapel, New Orleans - Louisiana, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

Kate and Laurance Eustis Chapel

As part of Ochsner’s “community of care” philosophy, this small interdenominational Kate and Laurance Eustis Chapel serves the contemplative and spiritual needs of patients, families, and staff. Working collaboratively with a […]