Bottling Plant of Mineral Water “Belnature”

Bottling Plant of Mineral Water “Belnature”, Arteta, Spain, Alfonso Alzugaray
Project year: 2003
Address: Calle San Salvador, ARTETA, Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 42.860278,-1.879000

In an environment with one very special landscape component, the hillside that occupies and forms the plot and the nature of the new activity that is implanted, they want to make understand the building as a prolongation itself of the area where it is located, as an artificial wedge arisen from a privileged landscape, where the hillside transforms gradually in the cover of a luminous and clear space that shelters a well of captation of mineral water, a zone for its bottling, a store of complementary products and a small area of offices.

With the use of the construction materials, through industrialized systems, we look for a material austerity and a nice appearance based on the dominant employment of a translucent front, that catches the energy and well protected from the summer direct sun, and the rest of the surrounding through a closing of industrial sheet of galvanized steel.

Text description provided by the architects.

Surface built: 1.720m²
Budget: 1.142.000 Euros
Construction: SANCO Constructions

Contributed by Alfonso Alzugaray