Casa C

Casa C, Madesimo, Italy, ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini
Project year: 2011
Address: Via G. Carducci, MADESIMO, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 46.438997,9.360961


Interior renovation: composition of flaps
The project developed itself recognizing characteristic elements which become immediately binding.

First of all it’s established the existing distribution. The project starts from a “no project act”; the choice move attention on a different project level.

The new floor, made with oak boards, becomes the form generative element. It goes up on walls, folds itself and fills some parts of ceiling. New geometries, in an almost independent form, redefine the perception of interior spaces. A new element, the red color, is introduced as a clue, as a bond. Hollow parts of furniture or colored bands in movement on the wardrobe door, become direct connection element with exterior.

Refurbishment of façade: geometries around red color
The existing building composition configures itself by a band system organized by floor (ground floor – stone, 1st and 2nd – white plaster, attic – dark wood). The only recurring element is the red shutter.

The project plans to maintain the color as fixed element, element of memory, the building will be recognizable as the “house with red windows”.

Instead, the project acts on  the articulation of wood facings, that are expanded in their surfaces.

Seeing the building volume, basically cubic, it’s decided to articulate the covering with a predominance of  vertical lines and playing with geometrical surfaces, staggering and empting.

The final image deletes the band organization, to advantage of a contemporary wood facing.

In certain cases the covering  draw a frame around the window, to receive inside the shutters when open.

The east façade, all wooden, with a regular scansion of windows, is resolved enlarging, over the usual measure, the red color.

A bar code, a decoration, organizes with horizontal band the façade.

Text description provided by the architects.

Budget: 35.000€
Façade area: 350m²
Project team: Arch. Luca Trussoni, Arch. Vanessa Villa

Contributed by ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini