Cubica Cabin

Cubica Cabin, Paipa, Boyacá, Colombia, Camacho Estudio de Arquitectura
Project year: 2017
Address: Carrera 16, Paipa, Boyacá, PAIPA, Colombia
Latitude/Longitude: 5.776257,-73.115046

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Set of homes located in Paipa-Colombia, located in the urban area of the city, which manages to capture the perception and visual attention of its inhabitants for its color, scale and architectural proposal. The project is conceived as a refuge that is capable of providing protection, adaptation to the context, less environmental impact and sustainable comfort.

In this sense, two modules are designed that seek verticality, wrapped in a series of frames that configure largewindows giving priority to lighting and ventilation, under a composition of mosaics that provide color and dynamism to the shelter, along with circular perforations in the walls of facade.

Spatially each module is composed of three levels, accompanied by a wooden staircase. The first floor, is configured by a receiving space and two accesses that give way to housing in general and a room that works independently. The second level is arranged in successive spaces; kitchen, dining room, living room and master bedroom. And the third level, creates a vacuum towards the main space of the house, generating the division of two spaces for the secondary rooms.

As for its materiality, it is composed of metal columns that rise from the ground, metal profiles, divisions in Drywall and Superboard®, as well as other lightweight materials to generate a constructive process in dry, faster and with less ecological impact, saving up to 70% in the consumption of water by not requiring mixtures, achieving a cleaner work than the traditional one, which means that many of its materials can be reused. The wood used in floors and panels is certified (FSC seal), responsible and sustainable production.

Text description provided by the architects.

Site Area: 314.85m²
Building Area: 116.45m²
Total floor Area: 61m²
Costs: 80.255USD
Client: Maria Rosula Camargo
Designer: Gustavo Ivan Camacho, German Ricardo Camacho
Project team: Edwin Lopez Torres y Julian Espinel
Structure: Steel frame, IPE 80, 80mm x 46mm

Contributed by Camacho Estudio de Arquitectura