Hof van Engelen

Hof van Engelen, Engelen, Netherlands, diederendirrix architecten
Project year: 2010
Address: Heuvelstraat 1, ENGELEN, Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 51.71858231082773,5.271101421555663


In Engelen, diederendirrix developed senior living apartments in 2 blocks, each containing 9 properties for rent and 9 for sale. The striking form of the building with extravagant balconies in the corners attracts immediate attention, as do the materials and colour scheme used. The white plastered outer walls combined with large, storey-high window units are characteristic and give a clean and inviting appearance to the whole complex. We chose two blocks that would fit in with the scale of existing buildings in this green neighbourhood and, when viewed from the street would appear as smaller scale buildings rather than one large mass. The green zones between the volumes are intended for communal activities. There is a wonderful view from the site over the fields to the south of Engelen.

Text description provided by the architects.

Project team: Paul Diederen, Fabianne Riolo, Roel van der Linden, Madeleine Middeldorp, Harrie Raijmakers, Marco de Groot

Contributed by diederendirrix architecten