Museum of Milk Conversion

Museum of Milk Conversion, Mese, Italy, ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini
Project year: 2010
Address: Via Piatti, 5-3, MESE, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 46.308034,9.381621


The old social dairy in Mese (SO) was decided to be refurbished by its municipality, to realize in its spaces a museum of milk and a civic centre. The intervention, in addition to the rehabilitation of the existing building, includes an addition in the inner side of the plot, that contains the stair to the first floor. The marks of old function are in evidence at the ground floor where the museum spaces are located. The system of entrances has received special attention, because every function has its own independent entrance. This principle has generated of the stairs that guide directly from the exterior to the rooms at the first floor. The project intention is to give a unique structure with strong identity to the new necessities, properly integrated with the existing parts. Walls of bathrooms, porch covering, circle pillar and the block of stairs are made in concrete. The façade to the backyard is covered by larch boards, to put in evidence the tree structure of new addition. A sequence of windows with different dimension and position marks interior and exterior. The entrance to the stairs is picked out by a splay as an invitation to entry.

Text description provided by the architects.

Project team: Arch. Enrico Scaramellini (architect in charge), Arch. Antonio Fontana, Arch. Daniela Riva, Arch. Luca Trussoni
Consultant: Ing. Federico De Giambattista (structural engineering)

Contributed by ES-ARCH Enrico Scaramellini