Beach House at Punta Veleros

Beach House at Punta Veleros, Talara, Peru, Artadi Arquitectos
Project year : 2012
Architect(s) :
Address : Punta Veleros, 20840, TALARA, Peru
Latitude/Longitude : -4.179832009567699,-81.14170367289292

Photographs :

Text description provided by the architects. This project consists of a beach house located at Punta Veleros Beach,  North West of the seashore of Organos, Piura, Peru.

The house is located in the top back side of the hillside.

This design seeks to turn the house into a showcase of the surrounding desert and sea landscape.

For that purpose, the Project’s underlying idea is a solid figure that starts to gradually decompose; showing a sort of a tray on which the social area is contained and visually oriented towards the horizon.

A large roof covering all the building seems to capture the surrounding natural setting: a carob tree on a main plan and an amazing view of the sea.

Contributed by Artadi Arquitectos