Watervilla Weesperzijde

Watervilla Weesperzijde, Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31ARCHITECTS
Project year : 2015
Architect(s) :
Address : Weesperzijde, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude : 52.346534,4.913759

Photographs :

Design Team : Jasper Suasso de Lima de Prado and Jorrit Houwert
Area : 200.0 sqm

Living on the river Amstel in Amsterdam is an experience within itself. At this special location the cream of the crop of houseboat design is situated close to each other. The residents of this villa are feeling evry day like they are on holiday forever.

The clients wanted to build a modern watervilla in which the relationship between the living area and water would be maximized. The result is a modern watervilla which is characterized on the waterside by a film frame-like glass façade.

In this watervilla the largest glass sliding doors were placed on the waterside making a great unobstructed view possible on the Amstel from the living area and kitchen. To enlarge the interaction with the outside and the water a floating terrace is moored along the entire length of the villa.

Descending a staircase with floating steps you can enter the basement where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. The staircase is placed inside a big void. At the other side a large window is placed directly next to the open void to ensure an explosion of light deep into the basement.

For this project many smart details were made. For instance at the waterfront there are three large sun screens that are fully integrated into the edge of the flat roof. With a push on the button the sun screens will slide automatically outside for a cooling effect.

In 2015 the watervilla Weesperzijde won the Dutch “most beautiful houseboat 2015” award.