Casa Sagrinesco, Mantua - Italy, Archiplanstudio

Casa Sarginesco

The site is located at a point between the square and the church of a small village in the Po Valley. The new building develops around a small inner courtyard. […]

House Effe-E, Modena - Italy, Archiplanstudio

House Effe-E

House Effe-E involves the recovery of an old country barn partially damaged by the earthquake. The volume of the building and its size remained invariate. The project redefines the interior spaces […]

Bogk House, Milwaukee-Wisconsin - United States, Frank Lloyd Wright

Bogk House

The Frederick C. Bogk House is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only single-family residential project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bogk was an alderman and secretary-treasurer of the Ricketson Paint Works. This house embodies […]

Moore-Dugal Residence

The Nathan G. Moore House also is known as the Moore-Dugal Residence is a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was built one block south of Wright’s home […]

Villa Cavrois, Lille - France, Robert Mallet-Stevens

Villa Cavrois

Villa Cavrois in Croix is a large modernist mansion built in 1932 by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for Paul Cavrois, an industrialist from Roubaix active in the textile industry. Villa […]

Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi

In a narrow area of ​​10×36 meters, Louis Barragán being 80 years is making his latest project, the Casa Gilardi. The house is located in the Federal District of Mexico, in […]

Coonley House

The Avery Coonley House, also known as the Coonley House or Coonley Estate was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Constructed 1908-12, this is a residential estate of several buildings […]

Hollyhock House

The Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House is a building in the East Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as a residence for oil heiress Aline […]

Palau Güell

The Palau Güell is a mansion designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí for the industrial tycoon Eusebi Güell, and built between 1886 and 1888. It is situated in the Carrer […]

Masia Freixa, Terrassa - Spain, Lluís Muncunill

Masia Freixa

Masia Freixa is a house designed in Art Nouveau style. Lluís Muncunill i Parellada, the architect was highly inspired by the master of Art Nouveau, Antoni Gaudí. The construction was made […]

Mobius House, Hilversum - Netherlands, UNStudio

Mobius House

The organizational and formal structure of Mobius House is based on a double-locked torus, the mobius loop. The intertwining trajectory of the loop relates to the 24-hour living and working cycle […]

Maison Loius Carre, Paris - France, Alvar Aaalto

Maison Louis Carre

In autumn 1957, the final plans of Maison Louis Carre were complete and the construction began. Elissa Aalto (1922-1994), the architect’s second wife, headed the project and spent long periods of time […]

Icone House, Paris - France, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES arquitectes

Icone House

Icone House contains a contemporary version of the ‘icon’ individual dwelling, i.e. it is devoid of preconceived ideas. It may have the archetypal four walls and sloping roof which are […]

Rose Seidler House, Sydney - Australia, Harry Seidler and Associates

Rose Seidler House

Rose Seidler House is the first house to be completed by Seidler and it was for his parents. The ample site and a desire for maximum interior spatial interplay resulted […]

Villa Lumi, Avanto architects, finland

Villa Lumi

Villa Lumi (lumi = snow) is bordered from three sides by streets. The incoherent suburban environment doesn’t provide any interesting views or starting points for the architecture. This is why […]

Casa Ponce, Buenos Aires - Argentina, Mathias Klotz

Casa Ponce

Casa Ponce is a comission for a family house in a neighborhood of the forties in Buenos Aires. The site is extremely large and narrow with huge vegetation at the […]

Casa Red, dep studio, Paratico, Italy

Casa Red

The property subject of intervention is part of a condominium complex consisting of 18 townhouses that are developed each on three levels, two above ground and one underground. It is […]

Casa Zii, Paratico, Italy, dep studio

Casa Zii

Casa Zii is located in an area widely built facing directly on the shores of Lake Iseo. The project started from the desire to exploit the potential of the place, […]

Tans Garden Villa, Singapore, aamer architects

Tan’s Garden Villa

Back in 2001, the Owner, Mr Adrian Tan, commissioned Aamer to design his house(s) at No 42. There a large bungalow plot was divided into two to accommodate separate but […]

13 Cove Grove

The site is narrow and long, with a small frontage to the waterfront. To maximise the view to the waterfront, Aamer designed the house to curve like a boomerang so […]

The Long Brick House

Minimalist design meets everlasting intellectual values. Temple of books shaped into a long brick house in the side of the Big-Proud Peak, Hungary, from Foldes Architects. The project initiated by […]

Blanco Oostduinkerke Residence

Two white pearls nestling in the dunes. The design of these two multi-storey properties respects the scale of the adjacent residential centre. Both buildings are able to optimally integrate in […]

Avilés-Ramos House, Granada, Spain, Ceres A+D

Avilés-Ramos House

The result is born from the clear ideas that the owners had formed for their home. This is a young no-kid couple who demanded open spaces, to develop their own […]

Tennyson Point Residence, Sydney, Australia, CPlusC Design Construct

Tennyson Point Residence

Working within the bones of a solid, well-constructed water front home built in the ‘60s on Sydney’s Parramatta River, the adaptive reuse of this multi-level dwelling involved removing the entirety […]

Single Family House in Paris, France, Beckmann N’thepe

Single Family House in Paris

This is a three-storey private house with basement, facing east/north-east on the rue de Nice and west/south-west across its courtyard. It is clad in putty coloured concrete from top to […]

House König, Gohm Hiessberger Architekten, Feldkirch, Austria

House König

A 5,5-meter grid was laid across the site, on which House König, the terrace, and the swimming pond are based. To the north the covered entrance, open kitchen, dining area […]

306 W. Waldburg, Svannah, Georgia, Trident Group

306 W. Waldburg

Objective: This project was intended to challenge current practices of traditional design within the context of Savannah’s Historic Victorian District by properly blending historically compatible proportions, scale, and materiality of […]

Casa Acapulco, FCstudio, Guarujá, SP, Brazil

Casa Acapulco

Casa Acapulco is composed of 6 squares grouped in pairs. Within this compositional rule, two subtractions were made on opposite sides to form two venues: the garage in the front […]

Chao House, CREUSeCARRASCO, A Coruña, Spain

Chao House

Chao House rebuilds a small house just over 3 meters wide and 16 deep at the end of a block. It is located in the historic centre of this village of […]

CH House, Monterrey, Mexico, GLR

CH House

In a privileged site occupied by an old and obsolete house, we face a dilemma: renovate or demolish such house in order to make way for a new residential project. […]

Slip House, London, United Kingdom, Carl Turner Architects

Slip House

Occupying one of four plots forming a gap in a typical Brixton terrace, Slip House constitutes a new prototype for adaptable terraced housing. Three simple ‘slipped’ orthogonal box forms break […]

Casa Monjo, Minorca, Spain, BC Estudio Architects

Casa Monjo

The main challenge of this commission was to construct Casa Monjo in a very visually dominant spot in Cala Pregonda without modifying the charm and natural beauty of the landscape. This […]