Stocksund-Rooftop addition, Stocksund, Sweden, General architecture

Stocksund-Rooftop Addition

This unusual roof addition sits atop a private villa in Stocksund, Stockholm, Sweden. The structure is formed by three equal-sized square rooms, that substitute the previous existing pitched roof. Each […]

Nannberga, Arboga, Sweden, General Architecture


We found a small granary for sale outside Borlinge, in the Dalarna region of Sweden. It was a modest construction in design and dimensions but expressed an uncompromising constructive attitude […]

Villa Hästskjutsen,Sollentuna,Sweden,General Architecture

Villa Hästskjutsen

Villa Hästskjutsen is a wooden box standing on a concrete basement on a sloping site facing the water. The organizational structure, based on two crossing axes, creates an intricate interior space […]

Ant’s House, Collado-Villalba, Spain, espegel-fisac arquitectos

Ant’s House

The Ant’s House is formally conceived considering the surrounding environment and its location on a large plot in the Manzanares Regional Park, immersed in the mountains of Madrid. The house is […]

Low Energy House, Tienen, Belgium, AST 77 architecten

Low Energy House

Low Energy House. In 2010, we were asked as architects to renovate a typical Flemish postwar house into a spacious and open private residence. The challenge was to inverse the entire […]

Bamboo house, Belgium, Rotselaar, AST77 architecten- Peter Van Impe

Bamboo House

Bamboo House, the narrow sloping and afforested site, south faced towards the Beukenlaan, is not that typical Flanders plot. In the past, the neighborhood seems to have been a residential recreation […]

Extending house in Punta Hermosa, Peru, Lima, Javier Artadi

Extending House in Punta Hermosa

This beach resort is internationally well-known since it was on this beach that the once world’s surfing champion, Sofía Mulanovich, trained herself. Punta Hermosa is one of the most traditional […]

House in La Encantada, Peru, Lima, Javier Artadi

House in La Encantada

La Encantada is a suburb of Lima, located next to the sea. The project consists of a permanent single family home located in a fenced compound, 656 feet from the […]

Beach House in Las Arenas, Lima, Peru, Javier Artadi

Beach House in Las Arenas

Beach House in Las Arenas consists of a small house on a beach a hundred miles south of Lima and explores the expansion of the conventional uses of a beach house. […]

Casa en Pedralbes, Barcelona, Spain, Bc Estudio Architects

Casa en Pedralbes

Casa en Pedralbes is located in the upper area of Barcelona. The project pro­posed to move the building to the rear of the site in order to achieve the best orientation […]

Villa Raahoej Alle, Aarhus, Denmark, C.F.Møller Architects

Villa in Råhøj Allé

The villa lies on a small. sloping L-shaped site in southern Aarhus, with views of woods and the open landscape, where it has been added to a long since built-up […]

Comfort House, Vejle, Denmark, C.F.Møller Architects

Comfort House

The Comfort House is a single-family house built according to the ‘passive house’ principle with almost no heating expenses and an optimum inner climate. Architecturally, C.F. Møller’s Comfort House takes […]

Tapiales House, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Zas Lavarello Arqs.

Tapiales House

Interior exterior and inclusion at Tapiales House of the existing landscape and garden. Making use of the site and particularly of the tree – existing -, that becomes in fulcrum the […]

Atelier and Guest House, Aarhus - Denmark, C.F.Møller Architects

Atelier and Guest House

Atelier and Guest House. The new atelier wing extension to a private home has been carefully set in a coastal slope and balanced with an adjacent new guest-wing. The new building […]

Michelet 50, Mexico City, Dellekamp Arquitectos

Michelet 50

Situated in an urban neighborhood, Michelet 50 apartment building is located in Anzures, a district in the center of Mexico City. Meeting the requirements of the client, we designed a building […]

Pixel House, Gyeonggido - Korea, Slade Architecture and Mass Studies

Pixel House

The Pixel House designed by Mass Studies in collaboration with Slade Architecture in Gyeonggido, Korea, thoughtfully incorporated the needs of their client, a young family of four. There is a […]

Split View, Helmond - Netherlands, UArchitects

Split View

This family which wanted to build Split View was motivated by the change of their living situation and wanted to express this also in their new house. The two children of […]

Black and White Houses, AGi Architects, Kuwait

Black and White Houses

Located on the main highway in Kuwait, Black and White Houses differentiate themselves from their surroundings by their stark façade design.  With two contrasting colors, the façade is designed to define […]

Z2U House, Gorraiz - Spain, Zon-e Arquitectos

Z2U House

The Z2U house has been built on high ground in the development of Gorraiz, near Pamplona. The lot has an elongated form, with a road traffic access in its southwestern […]

Equinox Passive House, Kavarna - Bulgaria, Ignatov Architects

Equinox Passive House

The Equinox Passive House is a small passive building made for discreet enjoyment of life in balance with nature. It aims to create a modest but sophisticated architectural object that delicately […]

Earth Light, Polydendri - Greece, workshop Dionisis Sotovikis

Earth Light

This building was designed based on the relationship of man with the landscape and particularly the earth. The entrance to the street is created by two parallel walls which contain […]

Residence Rieteiland Oost, Amsterdam - Netherlands, diederendirrix architecten

Residence Rieteiland Oost

Residence Rieteiland Oost opens onto the IJ with a view over the Diemerzeedijk. Maximum use is made of this open view by raising the living area to the bell level and […]

Park Square Mews, London - United Kingdom, Belsize Architects

Park Square Mews

Park Square Mews is a small, contemporary mews house in Regent’s Park, nested amidst Grade I and II listed buildings by Nash. This was an exercise to see how a building […]

House in Romeirão, Ericeira - Portugal, ARX Architects

House in Romeirão

House in Romeirão has a strong rural character, with small plantations, orchards and pathways limited by roughly made stone property walls and, once in a while, houses, scattered in the landscape. […]

House in Possanco, Possanco - Portugal, ARX Architects

House in Possanco

The cultural meeting point joining House in Possanco owners and the architects was based on their common interest: an undoubtedly contemporary architecture, but one whose nature and final expression would also […]

House in Martinhal, Sagres - Portugal, ARX Architects

House in Martinhal

House in Martinhal is located in Sagres (Algarve), the furthest southwest location in Portugal. This town hosted the Navigation School behind the “Portuguese Discoveries”, established in the 15th century by the […]

Fobe House, Marrakech - Morroco, Guilhem Eustache

Fobe House

For Fobe House my desire was to establish a close dialogue with the land, vegetation and the atlas to the horizon. Being a small house of 170 sqm on a […]

Terrace Villa, Hsinchu - Taiwan, Solid Space Atelier

Terrace Villa

Terrace Villa, located at the foothill of an enclosed two-acre wooded site, addresses the synthesis of two potentially opposing conditions: the modernistic model of a house with traditional Chinese building […]

Orange Grove, Los Angeles - California, Brooks + Scarpa

Orange Grove

Located in a neighborhood characterized by traditional bungalow style single-family residences, Orange Grove is a new landmark for the City of West Hollywood. The building is sensitively designed and compatible […]

Wardrobe in the Landscape, Madesimo - Italy, Es Arch - Enrico Scaramellini

Wardrobe in the Landscape

Wardrobe in the Landscape is based on two specific conditions: – on one side the client’s needs, looking for a small and intimate space; – on the other a small, […]

Casa C, Madesimo - Italy, Es Arch - Enrico Scaramellini

Casa C

Casa C developed itself recognizing characteristic elements which become immediately binding. First of all, it’s established the existing distribution. The project starts with a “no project act”; the choice moves attention […]

Casa UP, Madesimo - Italy, Enrico Scaramellini

Casa UP

Casa UP plans the reconstruction of an existing building, respecting the same profile. The old building was distributed on two levels with different function, stable at ground floor and barn at […]

The Moat House, Dorsington - United Kingdom, Glenn Howells Architects

The Moat House

The Moat House is a collection of stone buildings and barns arranged within a medieval moat dating from the 12th century which has been renovated into the home and workspaces. […]

23 Alnwick Road

Park+Associates have designed the 23 Alnwick Road House in  Alnwick Road, Singapore in 2011. The functions are encapsulated in boxes and arranged/stacked to create a larger mass. Black and white […]

Stone Houses, New York - USA, Leroy Street Studio

Stone Houses

This weekend retreat sits on a flat, open 12 acre site in eastern Long Island. The clients, a mother and daughter, requested a low-maintenance residence that incorporated Westchester granite and great expanses of glass to […]

Mona Vale House, Sydney - Australia, Choi Ropiha Fighera

Mona Vale House

The client for the project has a long-standing interest in building sustainability developed through working at the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA). With this interest in mind, the client approached […]