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Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany, Stephan Braunfels

Pinakothek der Moderne

Pinakothek der Moderne is a museum designed by the German architect Stephan Braunfels that was inaugurated in September 2002 after it took seven years to be completed. The museum’s rectilinear façade is dominated by white and grey concrete and interrupted by large windows and high rising […]

Trinity Bridge, Manchester, United Kingdom, Santiago Calatrava

Trinity Bridge

Trinity Bridge in Manchester is a small, domestically scaled footbridge, settled across the Irwell River in a densely built area of central area. The single walkway that starts from the Manchester side of the river forks in mid air on the Salford side, curving into a choice of ramped pathways […]

Zitacuaro Apartment Building, Mexico city, Mexico, Pascal Arquitectos

Zitacuaro Apartment Building

Text description provided by the architects. When building Zitacuaro Apartment Building, the biggest challenge was to get the most out of space in a complicated land. The architect acts as a mediator between the need of the developer to generate added value and to do the right thing for the […]

Zuidzicht Hasselt, Belgium, B2Ai

Zuidzicht Hasselt

Text description provided by the architects. This project in Hasselt is sited in an inner-city redevelopment zone where a former industrial site north of the centre is being redeveloped around a canal basin. The design stems from a master plan and it will optimize the orientation and also the views […]

Ιshibe Ηouse, Koka, Japan, ALTS Design Office

Ishibe House

Text description provided by the architects. This client’s hope was to live in a house that is just like a renovated warehouse. The type of houses is diversified into various kinds, and such a house is prevalent on the ground of financial terms. However, it was necessary to solve problems […]

Yitzak Rabin Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, Safdie Architects

Yitzak Rabin Centre

The Yitzhak Rabin Center was commissioned as a memorial to the slain Israeli leader. The centre includes a museum focusing on Rabin’s life and times, an auditorium, a research institute devoted to the study of the history of his era, a library and archive, and a multipurpose great hall. The […]

Zamet Centre, Rijeca, Croatia, 3LHD

Zamet Centre

Text description provided by the architects. Situated in Rijeka’s quarter Zamet, the new Zamet Centre in complete size of 16830 m2 host various facilities: sports hall with max 2380 seats, local community office, city library, 13 commercial and service facilities and a garage with 250 parking spaces. One third of the […]

Zoo Nursery, Santiago, Chile, Carreño Sartori Arquitectos

Zoo Nursery

Santiago Metropolitan Park covers an area of 722 ha. at San Cristobal Hill. Inside the park, the 5,6 ha. Zoo was founded at 1925. This historical condition involves a question of some complexity: the difficulties of space for animals are opposed to the virtue in their location, close to the […]

Zutphen City Hall, Zutphen, Netherlands, RAU

Zutphen City Hall

Two years after its founding, RAU was working closely with all participants in the design process to create a town hall providing 9000 m² in the administrative heart of historic Zutphen. It opened in the spring of 1999. Zutphen on the River IJssel: a treasured town where canals and streets […]

Humans in Architectural Compositions

Humans in Architectural Compositions

Author : Andreas Batsilas Perhaps the most controversial part of the composition of architectural photography. A large percentage of photographers have dogmatic views on whether people should or should not be included in the synthesis. Surely the human element helps in understanding the scale. Photographers who use it […]

South Park Gets Gentrified

South Park Gets Gentrified

Author : Christianna Tsigkou What do you do when your town is being ridiculed by comedian Jimmy Fallon? You try to improve the town’s image. How do you do that? By opening a Whole Foods market. Where? At your recently gentrified part of town, opposite the “Historic So(uth of)Do(wntown of)So(outh)Pa(rk)”. […]

A Weekend in Fez

A Weekend in Fez

Author : Andreas Batsilas I don’t really know what kept me so long from writing about Morocco and Fez. Maybe an exam period, followed by summer and another exam period, is not the best time of the year to do anything but study and enjoy the few days of vacations […]

A Day in Rome

A Day in Rome

Author : Andreas Batsilas Rome was definitely not built in one day,  but I didn’t have more than that to spend at the eternal city. Being an architect, I have studied so many things about the capital of the roman empire, about the architecture, the materials and the construction methods, […]

Hotel Design Conference in Thessaloniki

Hotel Design Conference in Thessaloniki

Author : Kiki Gkavogianni The past weekend, 15-16 of November, a conference took place in the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki. The theme was Hotel Design and several designers and architects explained the perspective of the architectural design in the field of tourism in Greece. The exhibition’s name was “Hotelia […]

Architect's Survival

Architect’s Survival

Author : Andreas Batsilas There are some days that you wake up and you just want to write. Today was one of those days.  I had this strange feeling that this was the time to start addressing a subject that has been bothering me for a long time. From the […]

Architects Do It With Partner(s)

Architects Do It With Partner(s)

Author : Kiki Gkavogianni Team work. Take a moment and think about this phrase. Many people say that we live in a society of egoism and social isolation, where young people prefer to interact in a web-world than in the real one and aren’t capable of verbal and real-time communication. […]

ArchiTravel Interviews the Architect Ahmad Hamid

ArchiTravel Interviews the Architect Ahmad Hamid

ArchiTravel interviews the architect and professor Ahmad Hamid. Interview by : Maria Anagnostou Maria Anagnostou: What is the importance of architectural tourism? Ahmad Hamid: Architectural tourism serves the layman and the professional to get acquainted at least to the major architectural sites and happenings in a city where he is […]

ArchiTravel Interviews Eleni Bastéa

ArchiTravel Interviews Eleni Bastéa

ArchiTravel interviews the architectural historian Eleni Bastéa. Interview by : Stamatia Koloniari  Stamatia Koloniari: What is the importance of architectural tourism? Eleni Bastéa: I think it allows us to dream and imagine having different lives and it transports us not only to different places but to a different society as […]