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Architeam Projects


CH House, Monterrey, Mexico, GLR

CH House

In a privileged site occupied... Read More»
Het Arsenaal Coevorden, Netherlands, KAW

Het Arsenaal Coevorden

KAW realized the tranformation of... Read More»
Appartments Kloosterstraat Dordrecht, Netherlands, KAW

Appartments Kloosterstraat Dordrecht

The new dwellings in the... Read More»
Stadspoort Landbouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands, KAW

Stadspoort Landbouw

The information pavilion Stadspoort Landbouw... Read More»
Veilige Veste, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, KAW

Women’s Shelter Veilige Veste

In the Netherlands, design, energy... Read More»
Cultural Center in Mulhouse, Paul Le Quernec, France

Cultural Center in Mulhouse

The building is placed just... Read More»
Nursery in Sarreguemines, Paul Le Quernec, France

Nursery in Sarreguemines

As the nursery in Sarreguemines is... Read More»
Childcare Facilities in Boulay and Piblange, Paul Le Quernec, France

Childcare Facilities in Boulay and Piblange

Our client, “La communauté de... Read More»
Sunset Chapel, BNKR Arquitectura, Acapulco

Sunset Chapel

Our first religious commission, La... Read More»
La Estancia Chapel, BNKR Arquitectura, Cuernavaca, Mexico

La Estancia Chapel

La Estancia Wedding Gardens were... Read More»
Alviento Apartments, Acapulco, USA, BNKR

Alviento Apartments

Alviento Apartments is a seven-apartment building... Read More»
Hotel Spa in Guitiriz, Lugo, Spain, Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

Hotel Spa in Guitiriz

The Guitiriz hotel spa has... Read More»
Refurbishment of 2 Family Dwellings in Redes, La Coruna, Spain, Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

Refurbishment of 2 Family Dwellings in Redes

The project involved the rehabilitation... Read More»
Family House in Perbes, La Coruna, Spain, Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

Family House in Perbes – Miño

The dwelling is located in... Read More»
Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies, Vitanje, Slovenia, dekleva gregorič arhitekti

Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies

The Cultural Center of European... Read More»
Metal Recycling Plant, Pivka, Slovenia, dekleva gregorič arhitekti

Metal Recycling Plant

What is long-lasting and what... Read More»
XXS House, Ljubljana, Slovenia, dekleva gregorič arhitekti

XXS House

eXtra-eXtra-Small House is located in... Read More»
Razgledi Perovo Housing, Kamnik, Slovenia, dekleva gregorič arhitekti

Razgledi Perovo Housing

Structuring of volumes for identity... Read More»
Laposa Winery, Hungary, Peter Kis

Laposa Winery

The wines of the Laposa-Cellar... Read More»
LEV Office Building, Kalamar, Slovenia, Ljubljana

LEV Office Building

Location: Building stands on a... Read More»
Music School, Kalamar, Slovenia, Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota Music School

The new Music School building... Read More»
Cvetkova Apartments, Kalamar, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Murska Sobota

Cvetkova Apartments

Apartment buildings are located in... Read More»
Restaurant Apetit, Kalamr, Slovenia, Ljubljana

Restaurant Apetit

A leading Slovene restaurant and... Read More»
Stardom Entertainment Office Remodeling, DLIM Architects, Seoul, Korea

Stardom Entertainment Office Remodeling

From an abandoned warehouse to... Read More»


C.F.Møller Architects

C.F.Møller Architects

C. F. Møller Architects is one of Scandinavia’s oldest and largest architectural practices. Our work involves a wide range... Read More»


Educational Pavilion at Arrixaca, Murcia - Spain, AH Asociados | photo © Hisao Suzuki

Educational Pavilion at Arrixaca

Educational Pavilion at ArrixacaThe building earmarked to be the future Faculty of Medicine is an independent project which is... Read More»

Row House, Osaka, Japan, Tadao Ando

Row House

Row House made throughout of exposed concrete replaced the middle unit of three row houses in a downtown district of... Read More»