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Taoyuan City is a special municipality in northwestern Taiwan, neighboring New Taipei City, Hsinchu County, and Yilan County. Featured image © Foxy1219 | CC BY-SA 3.0.



Barakaldo is a city in the Basque Country in Spain. It is located in the Biscay (Bizkaia) province, administratively included in the Basque Autonomous Community, on the left bank of the Estuary […]


Awaji is a city located on Awaji Island in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The modern city of Awaji was established on April 1, 2005, from the merger of the former town of Awaji, […]

Architectuurstudio HH

Architectuurstudio HH (AHH)

AHH is an all-round architectural office with a comprehensive portfolio that ranges from urban planning, housing, office, cultural, and educational buildings to fully detailed interior design. The office operates from the central […]


Faenza is an Italian city and comune, in the province of Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna. Featured image © Manuela Rontini | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Esslingen am Neckar


Esslingen am Neckar is a city in the Stuttgart Region of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany, seat of the District of Esslingen as well as the largest city in the district. Featured image […]

L3P Architekten

L3P Architekten

PHILOSOPHY / METHOD OF OPERATION: Develop – Draft – Modelling – Challenge – Change – Detail – Refine. These steps accompany us every day and are the basis and motivation of our creativity. […]

Razvan Barsan

Razvan Barsan + Partners

Razvan Barsan + Partners is an award winning architecture and design practice, whose long standing values concentrate on excellence, consistency, communication and efficiency. We are addressing an educated public that acknowledges the […]

ALPHAVILLE architects


Architecture design and planning firm directed by Kentaro Takeguchi and Asako Yamamoto in Kyoto Japan. Kentaro Takeguchi 1994 graduated from School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University 1995 –96 studied in […]